GPA Forgiveness

The NC State Board of Education requires a GPA of 2.7 for admission to teacher education programs. Applicants with GPAs below 2.7 can satisfy this requirement through GPA forgiveness. The GPA forgiveness pathway involves taking the first term of coursework in the Graduate Certificate in Teaching (5-6 credit hours depending on licensure area) as a post-baccalaureate (Pre-Teacher Licensure Path) student. Students who earn grades of A or B in all required courses can, if all other criteria are met, be admitted to the program using their newly-established GPA. There are three things to note about the GPA forgiveness term:

  1. Post-baccalaureate students are not enrolled in a certificate or degree program and are not eligible for financial aid. Students should expect approximately $1,400-$1,600 in tuition and fees (at the in-state rate) during the GPA forgiveness term. Once admitted to the Graduate Certificate in Teaching, students can apply for financial aid as long as they take at least five credit hours per term.
  2. Students are not admitted to the Graduate Certificate in Teaching during the GPA forgiveness term and do not meet the EPP enrollment requirement for residency licensure. This requirement will be met upon formal admission to the program following the successful completion of GPA forgiveness coursework.
  3. All courses taken during the GPA forgiveness term can be directly applied to the Graduate Certificate in Teaching upon admission.

Applications for post-baccalaureate admission are accepted at GPA forgiveness candidates must also apply to the Graduate Certificate in Teaching for a future term. Applying for the certificate during the GPA forgiveness term is strongly encouraged so that certificate applications are complete and ready for review once GPA forgiveness coursework is complete.

Applying for the GPA Forgiveness Route? Please see the image below to help guide your program selection. For inquiries regarding the GPA Forgiveness Route or application, please contact Ms. Ashley Langan (, 704-687-8189) for Elementary Education and Special Education or Ms. Cassandra Himes (, 704-687-8727) for all other concentration areas.